ORCA Therapeutics’ lead product ORCA-010 is a new oncolytic adenovirus based on the company’s proprietary T1 technology. The T1 technology refers to a specific mutation in the E3 gp19K gene resulting in enhanced potency in human tumors and cancer-associated fibroblasts in vitro, and in enhanced antitumoral activity when injected intratumorally or systemically in different models in vivo. ORCA-010 is a unique oncolytic adenovirus that effectively kills tumor cells of different origin. The oncolytic potency of ORCA-010 is up to ten thousand fold higher
than that of other state of the art oncolytic adenoviruses.

The company is currently developing its lead product ORCA-010 for clinical testing. ORCA-010
is applicable to a wide variety of different cancer indications. ORCA’s strategy is to first demonstrate safety and biological activity of ORCA-010 in a Phase I/II clinical trial in patients
with locally advanced prostate cancer.


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